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Nurse Interview Questions

Nurse Interview Questions: Your Best Responses to What Healthcare Employers Want to Know

The nursing job interview is an opportunity for both healthcare employer and applicant to make a great first Saerch travel nurse jobsimpression on both sides. Candidate Direct Jobs, your leader in healthcare staffing solutions, has the tools you need to ace your interview, and feel confident about landing the ultimate nursing job.

Setting the Stage, Acing Your Nursing Job Interview
Setting the stage, or adequate preparation, leads to getting that nursing job! Before you sit down to interview, ask yourself this: have you done your homework? Have these on hand during the interview:

  • An updated resume (for quick reference)
  • Pen and paper for taking notes
  • Prepared run-down of a typical day in your current (or last) nursing job

Questions, Answers and Top 5 Nursing Job Interview Tips
The following is a little role-play to get you started. Beneath the Q&A, are relevant nursing job interview tips that help you capitalize on what you’ve got to offer.

Nurse Interview Questions – Tip # 1
Q: What drew you to this nursing job and why do you want to work here?
A: Mention your research on their facility—that you were impressed by their reputation. If you noted that the potential employer is renowned for a certain specialty or service, remind them, if applicable, of your relevant training.
Tip: Remember that some nursing job interview questions are designed to prompt you to ask questions of your own—ones that show motivation and genuine interest in promoting the facility’s shared goals and expectations.

Nurse Interview Questions – Tip # 2
Q: What do you think the most important qualifications for this nursing job are?
A: Your response, here, should highlight your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as show insight into your own management philosophy.
Tip: This is your chance to gracefully interject your reason for leaving your last nursing job; you might say that the job you are interviewing for today is a better fit for your long-term career goals—and that you can see yourself really growing here in the next 5-10 years.   

Nurse Interview Questions – Tip # 3
Q: Can you describe both your strengths and your weaknesses?
A: This is an opportunity to show off your inter-personal skills; share concrete examples of attributes in your last nursing job. As to your weaknesses, choose no more than 2 small and tolerable ones to share and add that you are working to improve.
Tip: Your responses should average about two minutes in length (if a friend is helping you prepare beforehand, use a stopwatch.)

Nurse Interview Questions – Tip # 4
Q: What are some of your most impressive nursing job achievements to date? 
A: This question could seal the deal in landing this nursing job; use it to highlight your personal involvement in a former patient’s healing process. A well crafted response shows you are willing to put in long hours.
Tip: Have some personal “bedside manner” stories on hand, about your triumphs with difficult patients.

Nurse Interview Questions – Tip #5
Q: How do you stay current with the nursing profession?    
A: This nursing job interview question is fishing for a long-term commitment to your career. Show your understanding of health information technologies, advances relevant to your area of expertise, and expectations regarding advanced practice degrees in nursing. Make sure you cite any conferences you’ve attended, or medical literature you read regularly.   
Tip:  Subscribing to professional nursing journals, as well as joining relevant forums and groups is a great place to start.

Let nursing job career resources like these, be your guiding light in finding the best match for your skills and talents. Start climbing the healthcare career ladder today. At Candidate Direct Jobs, we update our nursing positions 24/7, offering competitive pay and top benefits in some of the most desired locations in America. search Registered Nurse jobs with us today!

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